It’s an honor for FEMDE to host the 4th World Company Sport Games to be held in the city of Leon in December 2023.

Located in the western part of the state, Leon is a city with more than one and a half million inhabitants, and
it is the sixth largest city in Mexico. It is the economic and social capital of the state of Guanajuato, one of the most developed and fastest growing in the country.

Considered to be at the leading edge of modernity Leon, Guanajuato is the host-city of major events which have put this city in the spotlight within Mexico and around the world because of the quality and diversity of venues, as well as its strategic location, easily accessed by air or land.

León is an industrial city of the shoemaking tradition, that produces more than 70% of the footwear that is manufactured in the country. However, tourism has managed to diversify the economic efforts and activity of the city, today, reaching a massive 30% of the city’s income. To this effect, León is one of the most important tourist and business centers in Mexico with an awe – inspiring diversity in options for entertainment, gastronomy, art, and recreation.

Hosting events has positioned Leon as a tourism mecca in the region. For example, the International Balloon Festival (FIG Leon) attracts more than half a million tourists annually and is thought to be the most important such festival in Latin America and the FIA World Rally Championship is one of the most widely anticipated rallies by competitors, staff, and public, alike, due to the superiority of its organization, beautiful landscapes, and above all, the warmth of the people.

More than 11 thousand hotel rooms, highways, and commuter roads, attractive first-class shopping centers, the Guanajuato International Airport (BJX) (receiving more than 231 flights a week, nationally and internatio- nally) all make Leon a leader in tourism, business, mee- tings, entertainment, and adventure.

The city of Leon and its neighboring cities have become an industrial and manufacturing hub in the last 20 years, with more than 500 compa- nies from 22 countries.

The region has seen a huge influx of qualified workers coming from around the country and around the world.

The location of Leon in the center of Mexico allows an exquisite climate all year round, with average temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius which is nothing compared to the warmth and attentiveness of its people, devoted to serving visitors and making their stay incomparable.

You can’t ignore the proximity of the irreplaceable cultural heritage sites of two cities: Guanajuato Capital and San Miguel de Allende (recently voted the best city to visit in the world). These two close destinations give visitors alternatives and two more reasons to visit the state that has become the new must-see destination of Mexico.

Security, infrastructure, technology and an avantgarde vibe make Leon the ideal city for big events.